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Taking Ruqya Wages to Avoid Asking Others for Help


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Taking Ruqya Wages to Avoid Asking Others for Help

Question: I work as a preacher and Imam (prayer leader) in a mosque where I have established a library, which has a good number of valuable Sunnah books. There, I also teach Hadith, Fiqh (Islamic jurisprudence), Tawheed (Oneness of Allah), and Tafseer (Meanings of the Qur‘ an). In addition, I treat with legal Ruqyas according to the Prophet‘s Sunnah, as he did unto his wives and his companions, and as Angel Jibreel — may His peace be upon him – did unto him. When doing Ruqyas, I never violate the Sunnah. The Ruqyas I often use are taken from Ibn-Taymiya‘s books, such as Idhah Addalalah Fi Umoom Arrisalah, and Ibn-Al-Qayyim‘s books, such as Zad Al-Mi’ad. As you know, Ruqya treatment is an established element of Sunnah. I am not denying that I take wages for treating with Ruqyas. This is based — as you very well know – on the Hadith narrated by Abu-Saeed Al-Khudri 2 regarding the license to perform Ruqyas and charge fees in return. One reason why I accept fees is that I do not want to be dependent on others for a living, particularly that I am blind, have family responsibilities and do not have a regular job. Another reason is my awareness of its legality. Nonetheless, there are those who, out of ignorance, object to my taking such fees, yet, do not present evidence to support their objection. I beg you to clarify this issue so that I can be enlightened with respect to my duties and to such unqualified, objections. Should you see that what I am doing is wrong, I trust you will convincingly make that clear to me, and I promise to abide by your verdict.


Answer: If – as you have stated – you are treating with legal Ruqyas, if your Ruqyas are consistent with the Prophet‘s established Sunnah, and if you consult Ibn-Taymiya‘s and Ibn- Qayyim‘s writings – may Allah have mercy on their souls – as well as other writings by Ahlus-Sunnah-wal-Jama‘ah, what you are doing is valid and should be appreciated As for Ruqya wages, you are allowed to take them as verified by the Hadith to which you have referred. May Allah reward you for what you are doing in the line of preaching, guiding, teaching, leading prayers, establishing a library with valuable books written by Ahlus-Sunnah-wal Jama‘a and serving your brethren. May He guide you to more good deeds and make you dependent on nobody but Him Allah – may He be praised – is near mankind, and He hears all prayers May His prayers be upon Prophet Muhammad صلى الله عليه وسلم, his kin and his Companions.

Permanent Ifta’ Committee, Islamic Research Journal, Issue 27, p. 57-58.

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