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Madness and epilepsy caused by the JINN:

Allaah Says: “Those who eat Ribaa will not stand (on the Day of Resurrection) except like the standing of a person beaten by Shaytaan (Satan) leading him to insanity.” (Al-Baqarah 2:275)

Imam Al-Qartabi Said: This Verse shows that those who deny that epilepsy can be caused by the Jinn and that is caused only physical factors and that the Shaytaan cannot affect man or cause insanity, are wrong. (Tafseer Al-Qartabi, 3/255.)


Definition of epilepsy: Doctors have not been able to give a comprehensive and definitive definition of epilepsy, because of the numerous clinical manifestations of epilepsy, including convulsions.

Epileptic seizures: Doctors us the phrase “epileptic seizure” to describe the sudden attack that happens to a patient, characterized by tension and shaking, accompanied by loss of consciousness. Doctors divide epileptic seizures into two types, grand mal and petit mal. Grand mal seizures are accompanied by a loss of consciousness, whereas petit mal seizures may occur in the early stages and may not be noticed by the patient or by those around him. They last for 3 – 10 seconds and are not usually accompanied by convulsions. They usually occur suddenly, whereby you will see the patient stop speaking for a moment and then carry on with some loss of focus, or moving from speaking in detail to mumbling. The patient may stare into space for a moment and the go back to what was doing.


Cause of Epilepsy:

Doctors link epileptic seizures to three factors, namely:

  1. Individual potential and heredity.

  2. Problems in the brain.

  3. Changes in neurological activity.


But there is another important cause of epilepsy which is that it may be caused by JINN possession. This is something which many doctors do not wish to acknowledge, despite the fact that they admit that there are some kinds of epilepsy for which modern science cannot discover the cause.What is even stranger is that many of those who deny this are from among our own people, whereas many doctors in the West acknowledge this kind of epilepsy.

Shaykh ‘Abdul-Raaziq Nawfal states in his book ‘Aalam Al-Jinn Wa’l-Malaa’ikah that many western scientists acknowledge this, among whom he mentions Carrington, a member of the American Association for Psychological Research. In his book Modern Spiritual Phenomena, Carrington mentions the case of possession, and says: it is clear that the case of possession is, at very least, a real phenomenon and science cannot ignore the matter so long as there are many astonishing facts which support it.


Features by which a case of medical epilepsy may be distinguished:

  1. The patient has aggressive tendencies towards others.
  2. He thinks that his opinion is the only one that is right, and he does not forgive mistakes on the part of others.

  3. His moods and emotions are dull and slow.

  4. He sometimes explodes for no reason and with no justification.

  5. He often deceives others by his words and actions.

  6. He expects others to be kind and helpful.

  7. He has mood swings, alternating between love and hate, interest and apathy, kindness and harshness.

  8. He is sensitive and easily provoked.

  9. He Suffers constant anguish because he has no feelings of security or peace of mind.


Treatment of Epilepsy:

In fact psychology has a primary role play in the treatment of medical epilepsy. The doctors are specialized in diagnosing the type of epilepsy and analyzing brain scans, then prescribing the kind of treatment needed, whether it be medication, surgery or counselling, depending on the opinion of the doctor. I feel that it is essential for me to quote some of the advices that doctors think are important in cases of epilepsy:

  1. The epileptic patient should refrain from doing anything that exposes him to danger, such as swimming, driving a car or mountain climbing.
  2. He should not exhaust his eyes by looking at high-frequency flickering lights, such as electronic games in the case of children, or TVs and cinema screens in the case of adults.

and etc……….

In the case of other types of epilepsy which are caused by the JINN, the remedy is to be found with those who treat sickness by means of the Noble Qur’aan.

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